Feel the Adrenalin, Explore Mediterranean

Mediterranean coast of Turkey is an attractive destination with its warm climate, diverse historical and cultural background and great natural beauty. It is not surprising that this country has recently becoming one of the popular outdoor event destinations in Europe. Due to Turkey's diverse geography, you can organize several interactive events throughout Turkey in every season. Such as rafting, trekking, sea kayaking, paragliding, scuba diving, mountain biking, skiing, etc.


Suggested Travel Periods: May, June, September, October

Client Profile: For active people and adventure lovers between 25-45 ages.

Professional Team / Guides:
Fully equipped and experienced guide during the activities.

Accommodation Options:
1- Dalyan region
Hotels in Dalyan are small, charming and located near Lake Köycegiz. Most of hotel owners are local families.

2- Kas region
Kas is a touristic place but more intimate than the other resort areas. There are many nice pension, boutique, 3 and 4 star hotels located at the Kas center and Cukurbag Peninsula which is approximately 6 km. away from the Kas city center.
Hotels are comfortable located by the sea and mostly have a view.

Food & Beverage:
Lunches : According to our outdoor programs lunches mostly will be served as lunch box or picnic during the activities.

Dinners: Each night a different restaurant in the region will be used to introduce Mediterranean cuisine.

Transfers: Transportation with A/C vehicles

Regional Climate: The Climate is typical Mediterranean Climate. Summers are hot and humid, winters warm and rainy. This region has an average of 300 days of sunshine each year.

Group Sizes:
Minimum group size    : 12 person
Maximum group size    : 25 person
Same program can be offered for the groups for between 25-40 persons by shifting only the days of the activities.

Group arrival at Dalaman Airport, meet and greet by your English speaking guide, followed by a direct transfer to the respective hotel by A/C vehicle. 

Upon arrival to your hotel, a smooth private check in from the private desk and some time at leisure.

According to the time of arrival boat ride on Dalyan river; view the tombs carved into the rocks before reaching Kaunos.

Enjoy your welcome dinner at one of the charming fish restaurant.

Overnight in Dalyan.


Proceed to Dalaman river and rafting on white-waters, the best in southern Turkey. 

Rafting Tour                          
An exhilarating day packed with adventure and adrenalin. One full day rafting on grade 3+ and 4+ rapids, experience real adventure in the mountain scenery which lies not far beyond the tourist resorts. Raft through narrow limestone gorges surrounded by magnificent pine forests and tackle exhilarating white-water. You will be able to bathe in natural Jacuzzis, swim in shallow  pools,  jump off rocks and drink from crystal clear streams. In addition, you will enjoy the journey on mountain roads to the riverside which passes through pine forests and fascinating traditional villages. You will run the river in 6-person rafts, each under the control of a professional river guide. 

No previous canoeing experience is necessary.

Dalaman river offers :
R2 (difficulty rate:3+) and
R3 (difficulty rate:3-4+)
level course services.

Enjoy your dinner at one of the traditional seafood restaurants in Dalyan.


Trekking Tour            
Hiking duration is approximately 4/5 hours, partly on pebbled routes and also sometimes long distanced steep gradients with differences in height of up to 500 meters. Hiking sticks could be used sometimes.

Explore the Kayakoy village by visiting a basilica church and head for the viewpoint overlooking Gemile Island. Kayakoy is an old Greek settlement with nearly 4000 houses that were lined up through the slope of a hill so as not to block the others view. Until 1922, 25 thousand Greeks used to live in Kayakoy. During the exchange after the Independence War, the villagers moved to Greece and were replaced by the newcomers from the West Thrace. By following a constructed path, you will reach a square cistern. Then you start to go down to the Oludeniz lagoon.

After lunch; you will have a swimming break in Oludeniz and a chance to try Paragliding (optional activity). There are a total of three runways in Mount Baba. 1700 meters high south runway is appropriate for takeoff. 1800 meters high north runway is a little bit small and upright. Take off area of the 1900 meters high north peek runway is very comfortable. As 1700 meters high runway is taking the south wind just from the opposite side during the most part of the day, generally take off is made from here. Approximately 20 wings can be lied on very wide runway at the same time.

In the late afternoon transfer to Kas for overnight.

Enjoy your dinner in a charming sea side restaurant at Kas overlooking the Meis Island (Kastelorizzo).


Sea Kayaking Tour                            
Paddling Time  : 5 hours
Difficulty Level  : CLASS

Full day sea kayaking, exploring the sunken city of Kekova Island and the ruined castle of Simena. During the Hellenistic period, there was a considerable increase in maritime trade between the cities of Lycia and the Greek world. As a result Island like Kekova were fortified because of increase in piracy due to this trade. As it skirts to the shoreline of the island your kayak glides over the remains of buildings, stairs and pavements, which are clearly visible under the sea.

Explore unreachable, uninhabited coasts by sea-kayak and discover magical turquoise coasts. Calm waters, protected from all wind, provide the opportunity for the participants to have fun, sunbath and swim. Explore antique Lycian tombs, ancient cities and ruins.

No more fish for tonight. It is a kebab experience. You will enjoy the local mezes and kebabs.

Overnight in Kas.


Canyoning Tour
Canyoning is a real adventure that includes using special equipments. Going up to the Taurus Mountains and into different canyons you will get the chance to jump into the ice-cold waters of the canyon streams and walk on the rocks and sometimes abseil from 40 meter- high cliffs. That is pure adventure and adrenaline! During the spring season because of the water level we usually go up to Hacıoğlan canyon and when the water level drops down in the high season we go up to Cyprus Canyon.

Departure transfer from hotel to Dalaman Airport for the connected flight back home.

* Depending on flight schedule optional scuba diving or coasteering could be arranged.


There is no need to get any training or know anything to join  Tandem (two persons) flights. Everything is under the  control of the  experienced staff.

Scuba diving
There are over 20 diving sites in the area with 2 canyons, 3 caves, 4 wrecks with one of them is WWII plane, 3 walls and lots of reefs with lively sea life. The number of choices also provides lots of diving opportunities to all level divers. Diving to the wrecks is regulated by the coast guard. They might be closed by coast guard without any notice. Although they are all opened at the moment, there is a small possibility for them to be closed.

Coasteering is a fairly new sport just taking its place in outdoor activities in Turkey. Coasteering consists basically of traversing the rocky coastline, very close to the water. No need for any technical climbing equipment and advanced climbing techniques: you just walk, climb, jump and swim and jump again! Along your path you will have the chance to explore the geological and ecological formations of this land, and you may observe marine birds, fish, crabs and sea turtles…

The activity is suitable for 16-55 age group and requires the participants to have a good level of fitness.