Cappadocia, The Fairyland

Welcome to the land of the fairy chimneys.

Cappadocia is one striking and unique region located in central Turkey where nature and history come together and present one of the most beautiful sceneries of the world. While the geographic events were generating the fairy chimneys and many other interesting features of earth, human kind embodied an exceptional culture of living in a picturesque rock-cut world in Cappadocia.

Today, Cappadocia is one of the most attractive historical and natural sites of Turkey.

DAY 1 
Group arrival at Nevsehir Airport or Kayseri Airport, meet and greet by your English speaking guide, followed by a direct transfer to the respective hotel by A/C vehicle. 

Optional Services:

  • - Cold towel service (will be served en route from airport to hotel)
  • - A shot of Turkish raki with roasted chickpeas (will be served en route from airport to hotel)
  • - Turkish wine & cheese varieties (will be served en route from airport to hotel)

Upon arrival to your hotel, a smooth private check in from the private desk and some time at leisure.

Afternoon Activity Options

Experience one of the Turkish Delicates "Manti"
We drive to a renowned traditional restaurant to enjoy one of the most irresistible delicacies of the region called ‘Manti’. A home-made bow-tie pasta stuffed with minced meat and topped with garlic yoghurt and seasoned with spices and butter.   

Explore the Village Life in Cappadocia
Transfer to your hotel in Cappadocia. En route lunch will be served at a local village cottage. This will be the best way to experience the local village life and exploring the local tastes prepared by the villagers.

Panoramic Tour
An orientation tour of the area and a visit to the Uchisar Rock-castle which provides a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. This huge pinnacle had stayed in use of Cappadocians for over a millennium for defense, military and residential purposes. Therefore it is not only the best panoramic spot but also an archeological gem.

Welcome cocktail and dinner will be served at the hotel.

 DAY 2 

Ballooning Tour
After a 04:00 departure from our hotel we drive to the take-off site. A balloon ride is the most impressive way of watching the unique beauty of the region. By slowly sailing in the sky for an hour you will be able to see the most distant and striking spots of Cappadocia those cannot be reached on foot. This will also provide great opportunities for our photography-enthusiast guests.

Return to the hotel to refresh and breakfast.

Morning: Discover Cappadocia
Göreme Open Air Museum: Cappadocia as early as the 4th century became the motherland of the idea of Christian monasticism led by St. Basil who was a native of the region. This monastic complex is an iconic product of that tradition and consists of more than ten rock-carved churches decorated with amazing frescoes dating back to the 9th to 12th centuries. Goreme Open Air Museum is one of the greatest attractions in Cappadocia.

Zelve: A walk through the Zelve valley is a journey into the past, with its troglodyte houses. Zelve is one of the earliest inhabited and latest abandoned monastic settlements in Cappadocia. Then we proceed to a beautiful valley surrounded by ‘fairy chimneys’ for a surprise lunch that is set outdoor with catering service. Amazing surroundings and great food combination will be cheering up everyone.

Interactive Afternoon:

Pottery Making
A visit to the local atelier where the traditional earthenware pottery of the region is made on potter’s wheel. Apart from watching the process you will be able to try making some samples of pottery.

Rug weaving
This will be a truly exciting experience through a weavers village where you will be able to see how the famous ‘Bunyan’ and ‘Silk Kayseri’ rugs are woven and learn about this ancient art of Turks. You will be observing the whole process of making carpets from spinning and dying the wool to weaving them.

Cooking Class & Dinner at Lila Restaurant at Museum Hotel
The cuisine of Turkey is as rich and varied as the history and culture of this fascinating country. Today you will be cooking some traditional Turkish dishes with professional assistance.

DAY 3 
Activity Options:

Treasure Hunt in Kizil Cukur  (Team Building Activity for Groups Over 30 persons)
Most exciting and active way to explore the area. You will be given clues, presented with challenges both mental and physical and led to many interesting places that you would probably not think of going under normal conditions. A team of experts and a group of actors who will, taunt, tease, “Torture” or help you out of difficult situations according to the scenario. With different riddles and clues the whole experience will be a thrilling discovery for you rather than a walk through. The games can be designed in a way to emphasize team work or in a competitive manner depending on request. You can choose to play one of the pre-written scenarios or ask for a brand new game that will be prepared according to your company's theme, philosophy and style.

Horse Back Riding
Exploring the area on horseback will give a different perspective of Cappadocia. Route is enriched and colored by some striking surprises. We start the tour from a range in Avanos and follow Koybagi, Ziyaret Mountain, Kalker Lake and return back to the range in Avanos.
Activity maximum: 10 person

 Trekking Tour (Ibrahimpasa to Ortahisar)
This hike starts from the historical bridge of Babayan village and ends at the Ortahisar village. This route is through a narrow rocky valley with fruit and vegetable plantations. There are also many pigeon lofts to be seen on the way. Pigeons always had a great place in the local culture since they are the indispensable producers of the fertilizer needed for the tuff formation of the region. There is an opportunity to climb up to Ortahisar Castle at the end.
Distance: 5 km        Level: Easy

Cross Golf - Swing in the Valley
Cross Golf is a game where you shoot for a goal instead of a hole, with a conventional colored golf ball. Cross Golf is a different matter entirely from the regular game. The atmosphere is much more light-hearted, there is no “dress code” and the aim is to hit your ball into a net. You use the same set of clubs as in golf, minus the putters.
Activity maximum: 20 person

Mountain Bike Tour
Discovering the beauties of the region on a mountain bike. Ride your bike through a 22km route covering Mustafapasa, Pancarlik Valley, Ortahisar, Goreme Valley, Cavusin and Avanos.
Activity maximum: 10 person


Elai Restaurant
It was a village coffee house and turns to a restaurant after being restored in 2002. This historic building now houses Elai Restaurant. Elai restaurant is an excellent example of local cuisine with a gourmet twist. The view from the terrace is outstanding; overlooking to Red Valley and Pigeon Valley.

Hidden Valley
Gala dinners are the most private activities happen in the places in Cappadocia. Special menu is prepared by the award winning chef of one of the best hotels of the region and served by the professional team in Cappadocia. It’s quite possible to make an unforgettable evening with the live music, cocktails and more...

Maara Konak
Maara Konak offers unique differences in venue, food, and service quality in the Cappadocia region. In the past, this stately mansion was used as the private residence of the Uçhisar regional priest. The section that features traditional stone architecture in the upper floor is thought to have been used as the living space, while the structure downstairs, carved out of the rock (cave), was the servants’ room, the kitchen, and the warehouse, as well as a place of worship. History continues with their names today: Eyvan (the great hall), Bende (servants’ room), Hazne (pantry, storage), and Mağara (the Cave). Meticulous restoration work was carried out by Museum Hotel, transforming the building into one of the most exclusive event venues in Cappadocia.

Departure transfer from hotel to Nevsehir or Kayseri Airport for a domestic flight to Istanbul.