Turkey in Style

Turkey, with its rich, cultural, historical background and its special bicontinental geography, provides unlimited opportunities for customized events. You can either have your private party in a historical venue, enjoy ballooning in Cappadocia or skiing in Taurus Mountains in Mediterranean, or race with off-shore boats around the Princes’ Islands. After all these breath taking activities, you even have the chance to relax with a special treatment in a historical Turkish bath called “Hamam”.

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A trip to Greece is a trip which will reveal your utmost fantasies! …where landscapes alternate and take you from the deep blue of the sea to the blue of the lakes and rivers on the mountains… where you can rediscover the freedom and peace of your mind! Let us share the secrets of Greece with you!!

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Today none of us can easily give up the advantages that technology offers. We find them at office, at home or within mobile devices we carry with us wherever we go. It is difficult for us to remember how we used to survive without them...

Many of us have started to become overhelmed by these changes. More and more people are looking forward to spend their leisure time in nature oriented outdoor events. In Conjunction small boutique hotels are rapidly gaing popularity against large 5-star hotel complexes.

“Cozy Meetings” is a concept that was created based on these evolving preferences. This new concept is ideal for holding small board meetings of up to 20-25 persons in boutique hotels located in different villages of Turkey and Greece each offering unique eccentric experiences.

Think of starting the day with fresh eggs right from the hotel’s own fowl ruh, with homemademarmelades and jams. Meeting in a room with a fire place accompanied by the smell of fresh cookies and cofee. A specially prepared lunch followed by a pleasent hike or a visit to cultural sites where you can relax. Finally feasting on a dinner of local tastes, maybe prepared by your spouse in the cooking class given during the meeting.

If you prefer this cozy atmosphere instead of a meeting in one of the high-tech offices with robotic service people, give us a call. We will provide you with different proposals according to your interest.